Healing Country means finally working together to resolve many of the outstanding injustices, the dispossession, and discrimination that BIPOC communities face daily.
Of The Sun are committed to promoting awareness, equality and reconciliation. We are doing our best to hold ourselves accountable. We remain humble, though not neutral to injustice. 
We are working on creating a diverse company, and will continue to work, as we have so much learning to do. 

We are working on a personal level to dissect and unlearn the standardised colonial version of what we were taught in school and are committed to making the inner changes, to sharing this knowledge with our children, our partners and our community.

Our goal is to build thoughtful and practical foundations and an inclusive and expressive business that we can be proud of.
We pledge to donate 2% of our sales annually to a First Nations led organisation that supports the futures of Indigenous Australians. This time, that donation was made to Children’s Ground.
We have been making subtle, but thought provoking changes to our website, such as adding an Acknowledgement of Country sign off to our emails, and a second address line within the checkout process to encourage our customers to add their Indigenous Country to their shipping information. We will continue to make changes that keep our customers engaged and open to learning about Indigenous culture and awareness – and would love to hear from you if you have any further suggestions.

Our hearts and minds are open. We want to learn and celebrate the wealth of culture our First Nations People hold, and honour their deep care and knowledge of the Earth.
After 250 years of suffering under colonial occupation, one of the world's oldest living cultures, their children and their future generations deserve better. 

We are still learning, and write this accountability statement in earnest and with sincerity. If you would like to give us feedback or advice, positive or negative, please be in touch. We’d love to hear and learn from you too.


Mantra and Miriam

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